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A Caffeinated Tour through Brooklyn

April 20, 2011

In case any readers were wondering why I don’t wander and eat through my own city, take note!  While I do this quite a bit, I often don’t document it.  While my sister was in town (the non-canner), we did organize an extensive tour of locally roasted beans.

My Google Map of where we’ve been (diner symbols) and where we need to go (pins)

We started out with a brisk tour over the Pulaski Bridge and headed straight to Peter Pan Donuts to get some food in our belly.

Peter Pan Donuts

Cafe Grumpy was our first coffee spot.  The make a mean latte, and have a cool off-the-beaten path vibe.  Also conveniently close to Fred Flare.

Cafe Grumpy Lattes

Based on the recommendation of our barista at Cafe Grumpy (hard to say if he was impressed or freaked out by our coffee drinking plans), we then headed to Cafe Variety, where we got some good old french press made with Stumptown beans.  Unfortunately, it was not as great as we had hoped; the combination of not-so-fresh french press with a dark cafe with EVERY patron glued to their mac book just did not jive with us.  While decent in a pinch, I wouldn’t go back, especially knowing that our next stop is close and much better.

French Press coffee at Cafe Variety

Gimme! Coffee was our next stop, which was great.  I first learned of Gimme! awesomeness in college in Ithaca, where the company got its start.  We sampled the clever pourover method of coffee, which seems to me like a clever cross between pourover and french press (my personal preferred brewing method).  The coffee is poured over a filter, but sits for 4 minutes, then a release allows the coffee to drain through.  Very tasty, and somehow made tastier in those old school diner-style mugs.

Hot n tasty at Gimme! Coffee

After all of this, we were a bit jumpy and in need of a long walk.  So we strolled through Fort Greene over to the Flatbush Avenue for lunch.  Bklyn Larder offered that opportunity, along with lots of fun browsing through their awesome collection of foodstuffs.  We were so excited about sitting down and enjoying our grilled cheese and soup that I forgot to photograph it until after it was all gone.  All that remains is evidence that something tasty was eaten.

Clean Plate Club submission

Last stop on our coffee train was Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope.  We went for their maple latte; perhaps not traditional, but we interested in trying a full range of coffee offerings for the day.

mmmmmmaple lattes!

Well, we did have grand plans of tracking down a clover coffee machine, but pretty much met our limit of walking and caffeine at that point.  Oh well, all that means is that there will be a round two!

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