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Lemon Sugar

January 5, 2011

Remember all those lemon peels from the lemon-honey simple syrup used in the Lemon-Honey Whiskey Cocktail?  Well I couldn’t bear to throw them out.  Instead, I let them sit in a quart jar layered with sugar for a week, and then tossed with more sugar.  A quick trip through the food processor chopped up the peels to create a lovely lemon-scented sugar.  I can’t wait to use it in sugar cookies, in mixed drinks (perhaps a short cut version of the aforementioned drink), or to line the rim of cocktail glasses.  While the season of lots of gift giving is waning, I may file this away to give out next year.

Big bowl of lemon sugar!

If you don’t have lemon peels left over from making the simple syrup, zest 10 lemons.  Let sit in 1 quart sugar until moisture has been distributed, and then mix with an additional quart of sugar.  Store in jars.

Expect some drink recipes using this to come soon…

Wide mouth jars work well for lining the rims of wine and champagne glasses...

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