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From the Garden: Mini Carrot Harvest

October 6, 2010

I harvested all of our carrots this past weekend.  When I say all, I mean to say a bowl-full of mini-carrots, as I was not diligent enough about thinning them.  Still, they were very cute and it was very exciting to pull them all out of the ground.


Missing from the above picture were two renegade carrots, that refused to conform to society’s ideas of what a carrot should look like and what direction it should grow in!  Or, there was a rock directly below them…

Non-conformist carrots, going against the grain (or in circles...)

Next year, I will try to lighten up the soil and be better about thinning.  I may also try to seed them in rounds spaced out every few weeks, so I have a more constant harvest of smaller carrots…

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