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CSA Week 7: Grilled Pizza

July 16, 2010

So, I have been cooking with CSA veggies, but not doing anything unusual enough to warrant posting.  I generally like to focus on dishes that work with the challenges of CSAs- quantity, obscurity, frequency, and planning a meal when you aren’t quite sure what you’ll be getting.  That last point brings us to last night’s dinner:  Grilled Pizza.  I don’t know about you, but I am of the mind that almost any vegetable is good on pizza, so it is a good dinner to plan for on the night of CSA pickup.  Walk by a pizza place on your way home, and ask for some fresh dough.  Many places will sell it to you  (often in vague “large” and “small”.  In my experience, small = nice dinner for two when accompanied with a salad.  Large = leftover for lunch, or “Oops, while we were watching that movie, the pizza I planned to save for tomorrow’s lunch disappeared…into my stomach”.  Anyway…

Prepping for pizza

Ingredients are very flexible.  Fresh mozzarella is always a good call, as is sauce (or tomato paste in a pinch).  Consider using pesto.  Fresh basil is simple and awesome.  From there, just add whatever CSA veggies are looking good (or will go bad the fastest).

Grilling in action

Last night, I made thin slices from 1 large zucchini, and laid those on the grill brushed with olive oil, and a little s+p to taste.  Brush one side of  your dough (thinly stretched out) with olive oil, and flop that side on the grill.  Brush the top with olive oil, and let it grill until the bottom is looking solid and starting to brown.  Flip the dough, and quickly add your toppings.  I go in this order: sauce/pesto, basil, cheese, salt/pepper/olive oil.  You may want to move the pizza to the top rack after a while to allow the cheese to melt without burning the bottom.  Once the zucchini are done grilling, add them to the top of the pizza like so:


Cut with kitchen shears and enjoy.  No hot kitchen, little cleanup, bangin’ pizza and some veggies used up with minimal planning…not bad!

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